Bach's solo violin music - essentials for performance, enjoyment, inspiration.

NMM 4548. Violin by Jacob Stainer, Absam, 1668. Violin front, close up of front, top | Board of Trustees, 1989 | National Music Museum | The University of South Dakota | Byron Pillow, Photographer

The Bach Project Masterclasses are specially created films, covering all six Sonatas and Partitas. Each movement of the Sonatas and Partitas has its own dedicated video, with instruction led by John Holloway, Professor emeritus for (modern) Violin and Chamber Music at the famous College of Music in Dresden, Germany, and a pioneer of the modern Early Music movement in Europe.

Every Sonata and Partita raises its own challenges of interpretation, technique, and expression. Through performance examples, and in conversation, Holloway and his violinists reveal the essential elements for each piece.